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Setting The Standard

L’Shay Nikkol Beauty is a renowned Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It stands out as the first PMU Studio in the city and the ONLY Permanent Makeup Academy in the State.


L'shay Nikkol Beauty provides a variety of permanent makeup services such as Ombre Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner, Lip neutralization, Scalp Micropigmentation and Paramedical Tattooing.  Additionally, it's home to many skilled professionals in the fields of Esthetics, Makeup and Lash Artistry amongst other things.


L’Shay Nikkol Beauty not only offers a range of services, it also provides comprehensive one of a kind training programs for individuals seeking to start a career in Permanent Makeup.

The studio is also the premiere retail hub for all things Permanent Makeup. Providing superior supplies and products for all PMU artists. L'shay Nikkol Beauty is the only distributor of PermaBlend Pigments in Wisconsin, the largest pigment brand in the world, and a staple in every artist's arsenal.

This combination of services, trainings and partnerships makes L’Shay Nikkol Beauty a prominent  establishment in the field of Permanent Makeup.

Beauty Without Boundaries

L'shay Nikkol Beauty  is on a mission to redefine beauty by offering a transformative experience through the art of permanent makeup. We believe that true beauty should not wash away, and our talented team of artists is dedicated to providing our clients with a lasting enhancement that allows them to wake up feeling confident and radiant every day. We're not just in the business of beauty; we're in the business of changing lives. Our work empowers individuals to show up as their best selves, boosting self-esteem and bringing out the inherent beauty that lies within. At L'shay Nikkol Beauty, we're committed to helping our clients embrace their uniqueness and the confidence that comes with it.

I received lip neutralization with L'Shay and she does an amazing job. Today is my 2nd session and I should have done a review after my 1st. My lips look amazing!!!! She is great at what she does. The staff is friendly, the environment is nice and clean and the service is top notch.  Thank you so much for transforming my lips into something so beautiful and natural! 

Mykia Rosales



My experience at L’Shay Nikkol Beauty was heaven-sent! I experienced a health scare and lost all of my hair, including my eyebrows! I began looking on IG to find someone to help me and landed on lshaynikkolbeauty IG page and was immediately amazed at the transformation of everyone’s eyebrows (some had little to no hair like me!). I called and left a message and Kelsey called me back and I told her my story. Kelsey laid out a plan for me to visit after my health treatments (which took so lonnngggg, I couldn’t hardly wait!) When I was ready and an appointment became available, wait 1st L’Shay’s establishment is beautiful!!!!! Let me just say that!!! And my treatment was perfectly satisfying!! I am still amazed and so thankful they took the time to establish this service for people like me!!! Thanks so much Kelsey. Thanks so much L’Shay. I’m so grateful for L’Shay Nikkol Beauty. They are the TRUTH!!

Roshelle Robinson


I am overjoyed to write this testimony.. as I like to call it. I am a victim or now I can say a survivor of being "over plucked." In the late 90s, early 20s it was a craze to plug, wax or arch your eyebrows super thin. I was going as often as every 2 weeks to sit in a barber chair and pay $5 to get them "arched." Well in combination of that and falling ill losing most of my body hair... it left me with low confidence in revealing what I like to call "the roll over face." Spending lots of dollars on eyebrow pencils, pomades, powder and most of all, time putting them on (eyebrows). Often rushing having uneven, scary and most of the time, smeared eyebrows... BUT GOD sent this beautiful angel that I feel gifted me with the confidence I needed. L'shay. She is very professional and she made me feel so comfortable. I am so please with my eyebrows. It's the best investment I've made in myself in a long time. Thanks again.

Shantell Jenkins, Client

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