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This technique differs from microblading in that I create a powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The tails of the brow are darker and fade lighter in the front of the brow giving that perfect ombre makeup look! This shading technique works with all skin types. Stop filling in your brows.

Wake Up Made Up instead!



This is a tattooing process that adds natural color to lips that are pale or colorless. This is perfect for those with uneven lips who would like to correct them and also add color. The lip color will be bright right after the procedure but once healed will be soft and natural. This technique enhances your lips by improving the lip size, providing definition, color and correcting dark or dull lips. Color will heal 40-60% lighter and swelling will subside in 24hrs. Add gloss and go! 


For clients who've had previously work done. Brows that were done by another artist will be considered a cover up NOT a touch up/new set. Touch ups can only be booked if I performed the original brow service. DO NOT book a regular brow appt if you have visible ink on your skin. You’ll be CHARGED for a cover up! Prior to booking please send a clear picture of your brows free of makeup to see if cover up is possible. Send pics to Perfection session included in price.

Heading 1


Tattoo mole in destination of your choice. Unlimited FREE touch ups on beauty Marks.



This is a tattooing process that lightens dark lips.  This is perfect for those with naturally dark lips or those who have dark lips from activities like smoking. This procedure lightens the lips over time. Depending on how dark the lips are multiple sessions may be needed for clients to receive their desired look.

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