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                                 Frequently Asked Questions


Does it Hurt? 


  • Please keep in mind this is a tattoo so mild discomfort is to be expected. I use topical anesthetics to ease that discomfort for my clients. Most people rate the pain level between a 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 ( 10 being extremely painful). Most of my clients fall asleep during the procedure and you can't sleep if you're in pain! 


How long does microshading last?

  • Microshading is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that ideally can last up to 3 years in the skin depending on the skin type. This technique requires an eight-week Perfection session (touch up) after the initial session to complete the brows. Additionally, clients must return annually for a color boosting session to touch up any color that may have faded.  


About how long is one session?

  • You should expect to spend about 3 hours at your first appointment. What will take the most time is mapping your brows, the actual application of the pigment itself is relatively quick. Perfection sessions and preliminary consultation appointments also require less time than the first visit.

How much downtime will be required after my procedure?

  • There is a 10-14 day healing period. During that time you will need to avoid water saturation of the brows and sweating (so no working out). Expect the brows to peel during the healing period. This is a PROCESS. The entire process will be explained in detail at your first appointment.


What if I've had tattooed my brows in the past?

  • Previous tattoos don’t always exclude you from microshading, but the procedure becomes a little more complicated. A consultation is required and pictures of your brows must be sent and approved before booking an appointment.


What can I expect during my appointment?

  • The appointment process to create your beautiful, new brows will take about three hours from start to finish. The session will include a thorough consultation, brow mapping, skin numbing, choosing your pigment and then microshading. Future appointments require less time because they are designed to reinforce the work done in the initial session.

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