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Thank you for choosing L'shay Nikkol Beauty! I am a Licensed Tattooist, Esthetician, Instructor and Permanent Makeup artist. I help women and Brow Bosses double their income, save time and feel beautiful through Permanent Makeup and Trainings. My goal is to provide superior customer service and to make sure each and every client looks and feels their BEST! I look forward to servicing you! Lets WAKE UP MADE UP!






Guidelines for appointments: 

Please wear a mask to your appointment. You will be asked to reschedule if you arrive without one. This is mandatory. 

Please do not bring any additional people to your appointment, this includes children of any age. 
















Final Payment:

The final balance of your service is due on the day of your scheduled appointment via Credit Card, Cash, Cash App, AfterPay and Cherry.





In the event that you must reschedule your appointment, your deposit will be

applied to your rescheduled service, The deposit can only be applied ONCE! You will have to rebook with a new deposit after the first rescheduled appointment. Rescheduling must be done AT LEAST 48hrs in advance in order to reuse the deposit.





Late Policy:

 A late fee of $10 will be charged if the client is 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointment. If the client is 15 minutes late or over, the appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited, with respect to other booked appointments. This includes included touch ups.

Cancellation Policy: 

All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE including class deposits. If you cancel your appointment/class last minute (outside of 48hrs) or no show you will lose your deposit completely and the card on file will be charged for 50% of your remaining balance. Clients/students/included touch ups who No Show will be banned from booking at LNB, this includes current clients.

48 Hour Confirmation Policy:

You must confirm your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment. Failure to do so will result in your appointment being cancelled and deposit forfeited.



(Effective For Clients Booking in January 2023 & Moving Forward)

**This NEW POLICY does NOT affect clients who booked a new Appointment in 2022 and are still within their 6 months

The first touch up session is NO LONGER included in your initial price for Ombre Brow, Brow Cover up, Lip Neutralization and Lip Blush pricing. Booking the first touch up session is solely your responsibility and is $100.00 when booked within the FIRST 3-5 Months.


Appointments are on a first come basis and you will need to book accordingly. Failure to book within 6 months will result in an additional cost for the touch up. Clients who have texted LNBEAUTY to 21000 to enroll in the LNB group will receive notifications of future openings or cancellations

To ensure you receive the best experience we encourage you to read over our service policies.  Find out the requirements to receive microshading services and understand out cancellation policy.



  • Must be AT LEAST 18 years old to book.

  • Do not consume any alcohol beverages, caffeine or painkillers 24 hours before your appointment. They cause excessive bleeding, pain and swelling during the procedure. If you arrive to your appointment with any of these in your system, you will be asked to reschedule to the next available date and charged an inconvenience fee of $150.

  • Cannot be pregnant or breast feeding.

  • If you suffer from hepatitis, diabetes, cancer or heart conditions, you will need a doctor's permission to be serviced.

  • Each session can take up to 3.5 hours MAX.. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

  • Healing time frame can take up to 10-14 days. Please plan your schedule accordingly, especially if you have important events to attend (trips, birthdays etc). If you have to reschedule the same day due to lack of preparation you will be charged an inconvenience fee of $150 (in addition to your appointment fee).

  • If your eyebrows were done before by another artist, please CALL the studio at 414-935-2806 before booking your appointment online for approval. DO NOT BOOK your appointment without getting approval. Your brows must be LIGHT enough to receive a cover-up. Failure to get approval before booking will result in cancellation of appointment and forfeit of deposit.

Healing Process

Freak out #1: It will look VERY dark and THICK the next few days. Do not worry! This is normal. The color naturally oxidizes giving you superficial darkness after the procedure and the brows appear thick due to swelling. Know that it will get a lot lighter and the swelling will subside causing the brows to go back to a more natural shape. You may notice that the lines look harsh, this is also okay and once the healing process is over it will the lines will soften. You might be worried at first but be patient they will look great! TRUST THE PROCESS!

Freak out #2: PEELING! About halfway through your healing your brows will begin to itch, crack and PEEL. This is not a pretty process. Know that your brows will look a HOT MESS while they are peeling. Some people may even experience peeling that leaves the skin behind white or pink. If that is the case, you may be prone to hyper or hypopigmentation. Don’t worry your brows will still heal properly, the process may just take longer. You may feel that your brows look uneven or notice that some areas have less pigment than others. This is perfectly normal. It is impossible to judge your brows during this process, once the peeling is completely done and your brows are healed you will see the results. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Freak out #3: After a few days of peeling and scabbing the color may appear to have disappeared. This is normal and know that it takes time for the color to come back. It can be a little scary because you think I went through some pain, wasted 3 hours and spent all that money for nothing! Do not worry it will all come back. Remember you just lost a layer of skin during the peeling process. You must give your skin time to rejuvenate. Within a few days the color will return and be BEAUTIFUL. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Freak out #4: Once the color has come back and the brows are healed there may be a few areas with little to no color. This is normal, that is what the Perfection session is for and why it is important to make sure to get it 8 weeks after the first procedure. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Hurt? 

  • Please keep in mind this is a tattoo so mild discomfort is to be expected. I use topical anesthetics to ease that discomfort for my clients. Most people rate the pain level between a 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 ( 10 being extremely painful). Most of my clients fall asleep during the procedure and you can't sleep if you're in pain! 

How long does microshading last?

  • Microshading is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that ideally can last up to 3 years in the skin depending on the skin type. This technique requires a 3-6 month Perfection session (touch up) after the initial session to complete the brows. Additionally, clients must return annually for a color boosting session to touch up any color that may have faded. 

About how long is one session?

  • You should expect to spend about 3 hours at your first appointment. What will take the most time is mapping your brows, the actual application of the pigment itself is relatively quick. Perfection sessions and preliminary consultation appointments also require less time than the first visit.

How much downtime will be required after my procedure?

  • There is a 10-14 day healing period. During that time you will need to avoid water saturation of the brows and sweating (so no working out). Expect the brows to peel during the healing period. This is a PROCESS. The entire process will be explained in detail at your first appointment.

What if I've had tattooed my brows in the past?

  • Previous tattoos don’t always exclude you from microshading, but the procedure becomes a little more complicated. A consultation is required and pictures of your brows must be sent and approved before booking an appointment.

What can I expect during my appointment?

  • The appointment process to create your beautiful, new brows will take about three hours from start to finish. The session will include a thorough consultation, brow mapping, skin numbing, choosing your pigment and then microshading. Future appointments require less time because they are designed to reinforce the work done in the initial session.

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