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Introducing our new wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Luna, The Goddess of Beauty!


This design is innovative, lightweight and sophisticated, which is perfect for artists of any skill level. Create beautiful Ombre Brows, Nano strokes, Lip blush, Eyeliner and Powder brow masterpieces. 


It’s time to Unleash your inner Goddess 


  • Lightweight: Only weighs 3.8 ounces which provides comfort and eliminates hand fatigue for artist who work back to back

    Universal Needles: Use Luna with your favorite needle cartridges, we recommend pairing Luna with our Nova Needles

    Wireless: Wires only get in the way! Maximize your mobility without cords

    Quiet Motor: Loud machines are so distracting! Work in silence while creating your work of art. The motor is low but Powerful!

    Ergonomic Design: Enjoy extreme comfort with this slim machine

    Soft Stroke: Luna is set to 2.1mm, which is perfect for soft detailed work

    Two Batteries: 2 batteries are included with Luna, each battery lasts 4-5 hours and only requires an hour of charging to achieve 100% charge

    Click-Grip Adjustment: Customize your needle length with ease

    Digital Display: Speed and battery life are displayed on the machine 

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