Trash It Bags- this is how we dispose of our waste. This bag provides the safest method to get rid of trash without cross contamination. Inspectors will look for how your items are being disposed of to make sure you are safe and sanitary.


3P Needles- use for saturation! Needed for clients with sensitive skin, clients that aren’t taking ink easily and for cutting your time in half. These needles are best for keeping the integrity of the skin because just using a 1P may be more painful for the client.


Clear Tattoo Film- this is the cling wrap used to keep the numbing solution in place. This allows the product to penetrate deeper for faster numbing. 


LNB Numbing cream- this is the first numb. You can not do any PMU brow service without numbing cream! This cream is amazing!! Most clients fall asleep after this numbing is placed. You can typically get through a whole brow with this numbing cream. 


Tag45- this is your secondary numb. As we know from the class, numbing gel is the only product that can be used multiple times throughout the service. It’s also our quick numb that works within 5 mins. 


LNB Concealer- this is our new and improved creamy concealer. Nothing like makeup that blends into the skin. This concealer will not disappear, allowing you to see a clear indication of where your needle should be while doing an outline. 


LNB Flat Brush- this brush gives you an easy glide while applying your concealer. Great quality so it won’t break or lose bristles


White Mapping String & White Tattoo Pencil- using black may not work for every client. Having white string and pencils not only gives you options but makes it easier to see your map on a darker skinned client 


Pencil Sharpener- this is a versatile sharpener specifically for tattoo pencils. This sharpener allows you to quickly sharpen your pencil without hassle which is great for beginners. Each side of the sharpener gives you a different sharpened look. 


Brow Cleanser- aside from cleansing the brows this product is great for catching the perfect reveal for clients! This is a stiff foam so it won’t drip all over your clients face. A foam reveal will always be a hit on social media. 


Must Have Kit