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I took L’shays Micro shading class and it was the BEST class (for the beauty industry) I’ve taken ever!!! Worth every penny! She was patient, very detailed and went over every single step in full detail but it was easy to understand. We also ate good each day! Although I was nervous she put us all at ease and her assistants were great and super helpful as well. I highly recommend taking this class if you have an interest in learning micro-shading. We even have her full support after the fact which is a bonus! She provides a quality kit and we can easily purchase supplies from her when needed. Thanks for being such a dope instructor!

Monica Moneq, Student 


3 words: Professional- long-lasting -affordable 


L’Shay is the truth. My eyebrows are amazing. Coming from a person who would have to fill my brows in on a daily this really helped me tremendously. Not only are my eyebrows full, and natural looking, they are beautiful. I would recommend this service to everyone. 

DeAnna Chambers, Client

I am overjoyed to write this testimony.. as I like to call it. I am a victim or now I can say a survivor of being "over plucked." In the late 90s, early 20s it was a craze to plug, wax or arch your eyebrows super thin. I was going as often as every 2 weeks to sit in a barber chair and pay $5 to get them "arched." Well in combination of that and falling ill losing most of my body hair... it left me with low confidence in revealing what I like to call "the roll over face." Spending lots of dollars on eyebrow pencils, pomades, powder and most of all, time putting them on (eyebrows). Often rushing having uneven, scary and most of the time, smeared eyebrows... BUT GOD sent this beautiful angel that I feel gifted me with the confidence I needed. L'shay. She is very professional and she made me feel so comfortable. I am so please with my eyebrows. It's the best investment I've made in myself in a long time. Thanks again.

Shantell Jenkins, Client

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